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 Who am I ?

Hi guys, I’m Zak the happy founder of “French is for you”. I love helping people improving their skills in French, particularly people for whom French is a foreign language.

Guess what, I’m originally an English teacher. I graduated from a French university and got a C.A.P.E.S. in English which is the French government diploma to teach English in high schools and secondary schools in France (the equivalent of the British PGCE). And actually I taught English for some time. But still what drove me to help people with French is that despite my diploma in English, I am still stronger in my native language, ie French. And I like to give the best I have.

And don’t forget this : the more you enjoy what you do, the better you’ll do it !

If you want to learn French or to improve your French skills, just click on  the button "schedule time with me"  and choose an appointment on the calendar. I will give you a free 30 mn coaching to discuss your project ; we will be able also to see together what skills you want to improve in French .