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As  is well known the younger you start learning a language, the better


Teenagers have big dreams. And learning languages is a precious tool to make them come true 


Mastering another international language  will be a precious asset for your professional life

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  • 1Focus on quality
  • 2One on one feedback and practice
  • 3Tailored courses upon request
  • 4Simulations of international language exams

Teacher : Zakweb

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Course Prices : 18$ per hour

Starter       162  $              

Package 10 courses (1 hour free)

Duration per lesson:  1h

Standard   333 $

Package 20 courses (1.5 hour free)

Duration per lesson: 1h 

Intensive  684 $

Package 40 courses (2hours free)

Duration per lesson: 1 h

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