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Hi guys, I’m Zak the happy founder of “French is for you”. I love helping people improving their skills in French, particularly English speakers.

Yes I said "French" not "Chinese". I know that at a first glance, you would not have expected me to teach "French", but rather  some language of a far east asian country. But we're not supposed to judge a book by its cover, are we? In French we say "Il ne faut pas juger sur les apparences" (litterally : don't judge someone by their appearance).

Actually I was born in France in a famous town called Grenoble in 19.., well some year in the last century. Both my parents are French. My mother, Danielle, was a "native" French woman. As for my father, Pierre, he was born in France as well, but in Tahiti (Pacific Ocean) and he has Chinese origins; if America is a melting pot, so am I.

To sprinkle some more exotic spices on my life, I traveled to Egypt about 15 years ago. I met a lovely lady there, and you know what, I have stayed there until now.

I added a third language to my treasure box and learnt classical Arabic. Actually I should have said fourth language since I also have rather good basics in German. Thank God for all His blessings!

In Egypt three nice little girls came into our life. They look like me, but their mother tongue is, as you may have guessed... Egyptian dialect!

From an academic point of view, after a poor scientific A level (baccalauréat en français), I went back to what I had always felt comfortable with: languages.

I graduated from the French university of Rennes, and got a C.A.P.E.S. in English which is the French government diploma to teach English in high schools and secondary schools in France (the equivalent of the British PGCE). And actually I taught English for some time. But still, what drove me to help people with French is that, despite my 5-year university diploma in English, I have remained much stronger in the language that had been poured in  my baby bottle, that is French. Therefore after some years of English teaching in France,  I started teaching French to non-natives.

Then a new born baby came, which is my website French is for you.

So enjoy your visit and don't forget to grasp my free guide: my selection of more than 100 most useful French verbs. I put them in idiomatic French sentences, and translated everything in English to make things easier for you.

Au revoir et à bientôt ! And don't forget my motto: quality over quantity.


French is for you


Electricity and computer maintenance

A very good patient teacher

Zakaria tutored my 10 year old daughter in French and was a very good patient teacher. My daughter mentioned that Zakariyah was a very good teacher. He is very passionate and knowledgeable about French and this passion reflects in his teaching ability. There is no other teacher/tutor that I would use for my kids other than Zakariyah.


secondary school pupil

A really good teacher

Mr Zakaria is a really good teacher. I really enjoyed his classes. It was fun. His way of teaching is really interesting. He teaches the language through topics that I really like.

Thank you Mr Zakaria


Fashion designer

My son is very happy and is starting to regain his confidence. 

I am very satisfied with the lessons, my son is very happy and is starting to regain his confidence.
My son gives me very positive feedback on Zakaria.
Zakaria is very serious, punctual, caring and encouraging.
He has very good ideas and initiatives to make the student enjoy and feel at ease in his lessons.
He does not hesitate to give relevant advice and tools to help the student improve. He really cares about giving the maximum for the student and that's what I was looking for.
I really like his approach and his pedagogy with my son. I sincerely recommend him

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